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 Taichung MRT Soundscape Project: Jiushe Station - Arriving Station Music titled "Egrets Wading In Water"



  • 作品:白鷺照水

  • 創作理念:以「生機」為創作理念。舊社為大甲溪分支渠道灌溉,在音樂中以持續的下行音型象徵水流,鐘琴與鋼琴以三對四複合節奏,表達自然界不同聲響以不規律形式交疊,生機盎然。曲終,擊樂琶音與鋼琴低音呼應成相同節奏,並與中音域的下行音型停留在相同拍點,為原先的熱鬧氛圍劃下句點,象徵萬物回歸寂靜,為旅客帶來生命力與平靜。

  • 作者:林安、吳昱辰

  • Work Title: Egrets Wading In Water

  • Creative Concept:
    The composition takes "vitality" as its principle creative concept. The Jiushe region has been and still is irrigated by a branch channel of Dajia River. In the music, the continuous descending sound pattern symbolizes the water flow. The piano and glockenspiel use a three-against-four polyrhythm to express the irregular overlap of different sounds in nature and its full vitality. At the end of the music, the arpeggios given by percussion instruments echoes the same rhythm as the piano bass, staying at the same beat point as the descending sound pattern in the alto range. Here, the original lively atmosphere is brought to an end, just like everything in nature would eventually return to silence. The music aims to bring both vitality and peace to the passengers.

  • Composers: An Lin and Yu-Chen Wu.

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