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"Betelgeuse" Music Visualization Project




2021 年


林安 (An Lin)

"Betelgeuse" is a musical composition I completed in 2021 as part of my Master's degree program in the Music Department at Fu Jen Catholic University. This piece served as a focal point in my essay titled "Application and Extension of Olivier Messiaen’s Compositional Techniques: Commentary on the Original Works Etude I and Betelgeuse." The thesis endeavors to translate Olivier Messiaen’s compositional methodologies into practical application while also pushing the boundaries in my own artistic endeavors. Expanding upon Messiaen’s concept of the "Mode of Limited Transposition," I devised a novel mathematical system for rhythm manifested in two distinct works: a piano piece titled "Etude I" and the applied music composition "Betelgeuse."

Through the utilization of Cubase, a digital audio workstation, the thesis further delves into how spatial context and pan control can intricately weave together sound effects to encapsulate Messiaen’s philosophical musings on time, space, and the chromatic spectrum of music. This exploration seeks to not only elucidate Messiaen’s concepts but also to offer a fresh perspective on the integration of technology in contemporary musical composition.

Beyond music, I try to visualize my compositions.

Project Composer & Designer : An Lin

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